Kidzstuff clothing

A range of clothing created with the Nicklaus Children's Hospital, offering items to protect your baby, with all profits going back to the hospital. Read more here.

TempEze Clothing

With Tempeze You Can Have Peace Of Mind While Your Baby Is Sleeping. The Tempeze Is Printed With Specially Formulated Ink That Turns White As Your BabyS Temperature Starts To Rise. A Simple Glance At The Tempeze Will Let You Know If Your Baby Is Too Warm. Most Importantly, The Tempeze Is Made From Breathable Cotton, Making It Comfortable And Is Safe On Your BabyS Delicate Skin. 

  • Image Printed With Specially Formulated Ink That Turns White As Your BabyS Temperature Starts To Rise. 
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Safe On Your BabyS Delicate Skin

UPF 40 Sun Blocker Clothing

Kidzstuff Sun Blocker Clothing Offers A Chemical And Lotion-Free Defense Against The Sun. Rated Excellent Sun Protection By The Pediatricians Of Nicklaus ChildrenS Health System, Our 100% All Natural Soft Cotton Is Rated Upf 40+ To Offer Little Loved Ones Safety From The Harmful Sun. 

  • BuiltIn Uv Protection, No Chemicals 
  • Lightweight Garment Is Specially Designed To Prevent Harmful Uv Rays From Damaging Your Baby's Gentle Skin.
  • Rated Upf 40 
  • Lightweight Material Keeps Baby Cool
  • Lifetime Guarantee 
  • Machine Washable

Insect Screen Clothing

Protect your baby from insects including those that carry insect-borne diseases with KidzStuff insect repellent clothing. The apparel is treated with all-natural Greenfirst Technology which allows it to repel mosquitoes, dust mites, ticks, flies and midges. The protection is built right in and stays on the clothing, not your baby's delicate skin. The material is breathable and machine washable, and the protection lasts up to 70 washes! So skip the harmful sprays and explore the great outdoors with your little one without worry when your baby is wearing KidzStuff insect repellent clothing. 

  • Safe, all-natural Greenfirst Technology 
  • Repels mosquitoes, dust mites, ticks, flies, and midges
  • Better alternative to spray-on insecticides
  • Built-in protection that lasts up to 70 washes
  • Protection stays on your baby's clothes, not their skin
  • Odorless
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable material