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Use of Anne’s Images

Anne Geddes images may only be used as part of an Anne Geddes web page, ie. they must be used within an Anne Geddes environment or gallery and may not be used in a way that is unrelated to Anne Geddes. The images must not be seen as endorsing or associated with any other entity, person or organization.

All images must fairly represent the original work and be used in their entirety without tampering, additions, cropping or other manipulation that would affect the integrity of the image and the work of Anne Geddes.

Any displaying of Anne Geddes images must provide a link to or the address of the official Anne Geddes website (

The images of Anne Geddes which you obtain from any source are licensed to you by Anne Geddes for the limited purpose of displaying them on your personal website. This does not mean that title to the image was transferred to you. You own the medium on which the images are recorded, but Anne Geddes retains full and complete title to the images, and any intellectual property rights therein. You may not redistribute, reproduce, make derivative works, perform or otherwise use the images. The images can only be displayed in their unaltered state on your website in a designated Anne Geddes environment. Images may not be sold or used in any way, including but not limited to, the selling of products, or in connection with the promotion of any type of affiliation program wherein commissions are earned for producing links to a commercial enterprise. Furthermore, no use of any image may infringe upon the rights of an existing or potential commercial opportunity for the Geddes Group of companies or its duly appointed licensees.

All use of Anne Geddes images must carry appropriate copyright and other intellectual property information acknowledging that the copyrights to all images are owned by Anne Geddes. In addition, any trademarks contained or associated with the image must be retained. Further, no license is granted in respect of any property rights.

Anne Geddes reserves the right to require changes to your use, layout, design, quality and other elements pertaining to any Anne Geddes image and associated use on any platform or application. These changes may require the removal of any and/all of Anne Geddes images or reference thereto at the sole discretion of Anne Geddes. Any request will be completed in full without delay and performed without prejudice.

Anne Geddes reserves the right to make future changes to these guidelines. By using any Anne Geddes image, you thereby consent to these guidelines and any future changes.

The term “Anne Geddes” means the artist Anne Geddes, the trademark Anne Geddes, Kel Geddes Management Ltd, and Geddes Group Holdings Pty Ltd., Nurseryroom Pty Ltd., and any other entities owned and operated by Geddes.

Use of Anne’s Images on Online Auction Sites

All images created by Anne Geddes, either electronic images or hardcopy images, are ©Anne Geddes.

You are not permitted to use Anne Geddes images to manufacture your own products for sale on ebay. It is a serious infringement of Anne’s copyright to do this.

You are not permitted to use Anne Geddes images as part of your auction templates or as part of your online shop logo.

You are also not permitted to use Anne Geddes images from any source to advertise your items for sale. Anne Geddes licensees are the only exception to this.

If you are selling Anne Geddes products on an online auction site or in an online store, you must take your own photographs of the actual items you are selling and use your photographs to advertise the items accurately.

Use of Anne’s Images in Personal Requests

We receive many requests for use of Anne’s images on personal stationery, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, etc. Our commitments to our licensees who publish and distribute these products mean that you are unable to make these items yourself using Anne’s images. This would be breaching copyright. We are quite happy for you to purchase blank Anne Geddes cards from a retailer and have your own personal message printed on these cards.

For further information contact us or email

Use of Anne’s Images in Commercial Requests

Anne Geddes holds the copyright and intellectual property rights for her entire image bank and use is strictly prohibited without our permission. The use of Anne’s images for advertising or promotional campaigns must be properly requested.

We do not allow Anne’s images to be used in logos other than our own. In many cases we have licensing agreements in place around the world for the production and distribution of various Anne Geddes products. Our commitments and legal obligations to our licensees do not permit us to grant further usage of Anne’s images for ongoing use to companies or organizations other than for the production and promotion of the Anne Geddes brand and products.

Anne does from time to time work on commercial shoots for other brand names or products.

For further information contact us or email

Use of Anne’s Images by Charitable Organizations

In order to be truly effective with the use of Anne Geddes images by charitable organizations, Anne and Kel Geddes have elected to focus their efforts to support for a select few causes; The Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect, United Nation’s Foundation, Shot@Life, March of Dimes and Novartis.

For further information contact us or email

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