I Need Your Helpto continue to make a difference

Many of you won’t know that since 2015, I haven’t created any new iconic and beloved images of babies.  Not that I haven’t wanted to – it’s just that I’ve simply been unable to.  Why you ask?  Because my previous publishing model has been turned on its head, and there’s been such a big change in paper- based products.  For many years I so enjoyed the freedom to disappear into the studio and enter a fantasy world … to create many of those images that you know and love.  

But my images are not inexpensive to produce.  They involve detailed planning, often quite intricate propping, and studio and production costs etc.  And these days the return just isn’t there to justify the costs of my creative phase.  I’ll admit to some very low moments over the past few years, where I feared that my ability to imagine and create, and in turn make a difference with new imagery, would be permanently curtailed.  But then along came Patreon!  The Patreon model allows anyone who loves my work, to contribute on many different levels, where I can continue to create, and also involve you (my patron) in the process.  Now I’m back to being excited about a future for my creativity.  And I’m asking for your help.

My mantra has always been Protect Nurture Love.  And as many of you know, my philanthropic efforts over the years have been a mainstay of my desire to give back … to be a force for good … to continue to make the world a better place for our children. 

Which is where your help comes in.  

If you love and believe in my work, and you also want to help make a difference, become one of my patrons – where you’ll become family.  With enough support I will be back in the studio to create new images, and I’ll take you along with me.  Yes!  I have a terrific idea up my sleeve already, and I’d also love to hear some of yours! Together, let’s build a community of like-minded people, who have the same desire to improve the lives of children as I do.

Let’s bring beautiful new images back!   My goal (with your help) is to produce a stunning new calendar, and I pledge to donate ALL of my royalties to a charity that benefits the future of our children.  The beneficiary of the first calendar will be March of Dimes, an amazing organization (I’m also their Ambassador) devoted to fighting for the health of all mothers and babies.  Each year after that we can all vote for another deserving charity.

In credits on the calendar I will be thanking my loyal patrons – you guys!  Meaning we are all making a difference together!  The equation is simple, and I need your support … you help me to create … we are all part of a team bringing a new calendar to fruition each year … and we can all feel a part of something greater than ourselves.  

Of course, we need to have some fun along the way.  There are different tiers of patronage for you to choose from, allowing different levels of involvement, where I will bring you in to my world and share my creative journey.  For instance, you can be part of my initial creative process, beginning with that early planning stage. See how my props are made; how each image comes together; discover the magic of the babies in the studio; post-production and finally the calendar coming together.  How about we have a vote for which image would be on the cover? 

There will be a special tier for professional photographers and keen amateurs, where we can talk photography.  And I’ll be doing monthly livestreams for different tiers.  Exclusive monthly wallpaper downloads?  Hints to help your photography at home?  Answers to your questions?  I want you to feel that you’re part of my world, and in return I will find comfort and encouragement in knowing that I have so much positive support.

As further part of the fun, check out the tier that contains my new coloring project to be enjoyed by all ages and all levels, from young children right through to serious coloring people (I’ve been looking online – yikes – some of you are good!).  I’ll be releasing a new coloring image monthly, all based on some of my iconic images. I’m already planning the next one!

Anyway, go check out my page and spread the word.  Here’s a chance for you in a small yet significant way to make a big difference.  Am I relying on the kindness of strangers?  Not really, because I feel that you are already friends.